"Curtains" tells The story of avant-garde theatre director peter fleming, one-time bad boy of Cleveland's experimental arts scene. AN award-winning comedy about the ultimate drama queen FROM GAR HOOVER & BETH HOOVER starring
brendan dowling of improvised shakespeare company.


Peter Fleming is many things. An iconoclast. A purist. A theatrical deviant bent on pushing Art beyond the limits of good taste. His unorthodox approach to his craft, touched on in the clips below, has put him and his Subcutaneous Theatre at the center of non-stop controversy and scandal over the years. So brace yourself. It's about to get weird.

“Film is dead.”

“If I have to die trying.”

“The Tribunal of Letter Certifiers.”

“Where jumbalaya comes to life.”

“Captive Audience series.”

“The Cleveland F*cking Playhouse.”